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The industry standard for motorcycles and riding mowers, the Conventional battery is anything but conventional.
This workhorse is for applications requiring operation on uneven surfaces and vibrating environments – even when the weather’s dealing its worst.
It’s the rugged, reliable and dependable battery that customers are looking for!

These features are built into the conventional manifold vented battery – and every battery in the YUASA line have :


  • Patented separators provide high cranking power
  • Through-partition construction delivers maximum power.

  • Unique sealed posts resist corrosion for longer battery life.

  • Polypropylene cover and container thwart damage from gas, oil, and impact.

  • Heat-sealed, bonded unit fabrication protects against seepage and corrosion.

Yuasa motorcycle batteries are the world’s leading brand and are fitted to around 90% of motorcycles at manufacture.